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Business people run EMBG for the benefit of the business community. We are therefore acutely aware of the issues and concerns that affect us all.
To help our members make new contacts, source business opportunities, improve skills, knowledge and provide practical solutions to your business issues we will:
        · Provide network opportunities to share experiences and source business;
· Invite guest speakers to speak on topical issues;
· Invite service providers to explain how their offer can benefit our members;
· Provide updates on business issues via our website and newsletters;
· negotiate special deals with providers of goods and services;
· provide access to relevant courses and practical skills workshops;
· provide an opportunity to advertise to and contact other members,
· introduce an interactive website with a discussion forum that will allow   the exchange of views and ideas with other members;
· Promote the integration of minority and mainstream businesses;  
· Facilitate greater participation within overseas markets;
· Promote the use of IT within minority businesses to improve productivity.