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One of the the aims of the MBN is to promote the integration of the minority and mainstream businesses. This will be done through networking and developing professional relationships between these businesses which should lead to better understanding, increased trade and a breakdown of the barriers. We will also provide more knowledge about what the minority businesses are doing and what  they can offer and contribute to the community.
Through its experienced business leaders and selected business partners the MBN will aim to promote entrepreneurship, help reduce business risks and encourage profitable growth for its members.
We are looking to the future and developing a business network that meets today's fast changing and competitive business environment.  
• Creating awareness:

We have proven to be successful in creating awareness of how government funded business services and ethnic minorities can benefit from each other.

Strong network:

Our network is made up of members whose specific business concerns and aspirations are influenced by their minority status in the Hertfordshire community.

Strong image:

We provide a strong image of the young generations in business. This is achieved through working together as a large network of members to support, advise and address the concerns and aspirations of this generation as well as work together towards integration, sharing and succeeding.

Dynamic network:

We are a dynamic network within the Herts business community. We have regular communication with the organisations and bodies, which impact on the decisions regarding local and national legislation.
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